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The New Directions For Life Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

In this episode—appropriate to publish on Halloween—I address two recent questions regarding the healing journey (including the terrors that often accompany such a journey) and men’s work (though I believe much of what I’m saying as it relates to men’s work applies equally to women as well). I also give my thoughts on Jordan Peterson around 25:45 in as well, as I have been getting a lot of questions about my thoughts about him and his teachings.

Below are direct links to the material I referenced (and one I made note of during the episode but then forgot to add later):

  • The Tony Porter video: A Call To Men, can be found here.
  • My blog post: What Children Can Teach... can be found here.
  • The video I forgot to mention regarding the nervous system states, which offers a wonderful perspective on the healing path from that angle can be found here.
  • Lastly, all of this information and more can be found on my website:

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The song at the end of the episode is titled Valerie And The Essence Of Grace written by Chad Timblin under the moniker Paper Moses. The album and more of his work can be found here.